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Planning of vacation and absence for companies of all sizes

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Spend less time managing vacation and absence and more time on your key business.


Employees can administrate their own absence and apply directly in the system.


Managers can see applications and approve or reject each of them.


Its possible to pull reports of all absence in the company or for individual departments.

Let us keep track of your vacation and absence for you

With Away4 there is complete control of who has vacation and absence when. All employees can quickly and easily apply for vacation or absence and managers can approve or reject the applications.

The advanced report module makes it possible to create reports, that quickly and efficiently gives you the overview you need of the employees vacation and absence.

The system is configurable to a degree where its possible to configure on a company, department or even employee level.

We have build in integrations for Office365, Exchange Server and a number of different HR and ERP systems. Are you using a system that we do not support, then we can quickly build it.

Take control of your vacation and absence

No matter if you are 10 or 1.000 employees Away4 is the solution for you.

Setup your own absencetypes

You are not tied to fixed absencetypes. Its possible to setup your own absencetypes on a company or department level. Each absencetype is configurable from the color shown in the calendar to approval requirements and yearly allocations.



Away4 provides you with the overview that saves you time and money

Make sure that employees take their vacation and that the necessary resources are available at any time. In 20% of companies the employees keep track of their own vacation. It can be very costly for the company, and it means lack of information for the daily managers.

We support all platforms

No matter if the employee is in office or visiting customers, they can access their vacation and absenceregistration. Its possible to register using a modern browser on a PC or tablet, or using our Android or iOS app.

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Away4 is more than just a simple vacation and absence registration system.

Vacation and absenceregistration is quick and easy for the employees.

All employees have easy access to manage their own vacation and absence. No matter if it is an application for absence or calling in sick, the employee can register themselves.


Its possible to register through the Away4 portal or our mobile app available for Android and iOS.

Approval and rejection of application

Manager can see all vacation and absence applications from their employees and accept or reject them. This also applies for requests to delete an already approved absence.


Email are automatically sendt to all managers, when one of their employees applies for absence.

Easy overview of the companys absence

Its easy for employees and managers to get an overview of not only their own absence, but also the departments absence. You no longer need to ask around to find out who is present and who is not.

Individual configuration

Away4 comes with standard settings. All settings are configurable and can be adjusted to each company. This includes absencetypes, holidays, working hours etc.

Organization structure

Settings can be overwritten for each department or even on employee level.

Advanced options for reporting

Away4 comes with a number of build in reports for vacation and absence. The reports are based on Microsoft excel which means its easy to do preprocessing or import into 3rd party systems.

Customization of reports

With Away4s advanced and dynamic report engine its possible to design your own reports in the same way as the build in reports.

Integrations against other systems

Away4 comes with a number of build in integrations against external systems such as identity mangement solutions and payrole management systems. It is quick and simply to setup integrations.

Custom integrations

If you wish integrate against systems that Away4 does not directly support it can often be accomplished by using the build in Webhooks. If that is not enough you can always contact us for a custom build solution.

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  • Vaccation and absenceregistration
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  • Reports and statistics
  • Configurable per department
  • Configurable per employee
  • Mobile app (iOS + Android)
  • Office 365 integration
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