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IMPORTANT: migrates to migrates to

This post contains important information about when and how we migrate to

As previously announced, we have been working on a new and even better version of for a long time. We call the new version Away4, and is based on all our experience through the years with

All customers will be migrated:
Tuesday, October 31, 2017, between 18:00-24:00
(From this point, there will no longer be access to

About the migration
The migration to Away4 is free and all your user data, registrations etc. will be moved so that you can continue working as before.

Get started with Away4
Immediately after migration, you will receive a welcome email sent by us at The mail is personal and contains link as well as username and password for sign in to Away4. For security reasons, all passwords have been changed in relation to

New App
For the best possible experience, we recommend that you also download the app to your mobile. You will find links to iOS and Android below.

Feel free to ask
If you have questions about this post, the time for migration or anything else, please feel free to contact us at phone no. +45 4230 9020 (weekdays 10:00-15:00) or by mail to

Our very best regards

Away4 ApS


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