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Newsletter Sept. 2017 | becomes… becomes | New version | Mobile App | Outlook integration

Since the start of 2008, have reached more than 200 Danish and foreign customers who use our solution daily to ensure an easier and more efficient working day.

As we have previously announced, we have been working on a new and even better version of for a long time.

The new version is called Away4, and is based on latest Microsoft technology and powered by Azure, Microsoft’s recognized cloud service.

Functionally, we have retained the features you’ve been used to. At the same time, we have listened to the users and have received and improved, among other things:

  • Deadline for holiday application and email notification when exceeded
  • Easier overview of users and departments, both for employee and for administrator
  • Mobile App (for both Android and iOS)
  • History of all holiday / absence applications
  • Simple time registration
  • Advanced reporting tool with export features to Excel
  • Support for vacation / absence rules, also for Norway, Sweden, England and Germany
  • Outlook integration directly from your Office365 calendar

The introduction of Away4 also means that all existing Firmaplan customers will be migrated to Away4. The transfer is free and all user data, historical registrations, etc. will be migrated so that you can continue working as before.

We expect to migrate the first Firmaplan customers around October 2017. Everyone, of course, will be notified in good time.

Feel free to ask:
If you have questions about this blog, functionality or anything else, you are welcome to contact us at phone no. +45 4230 9020 (weekdays 10:00-15:00) or by mail to

Be among the first:
Are you interested in moving to Away4 as one of the first – please write to

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